Ultimate Image Uploader Plugin


Rotate, Reorder and Pre-resize images on the client side before uploading them to the server.

Enterprise setups that have thousands of users, may encounter problems with the PHP memory limit when trying to upload high-resolution images, such as those taken by modern mobile devices. However, since most images on websites are not larger than 640×480 pixels, it is generally unnecessary to store such large images permanently on your server. By using this plugin, the images will be resized to a more manageable resolution on the client side before being sent to your server. This will result in faster uploads for the user and reduced bandwidth and processing power usage for the website.

The plugin also allows users to rearrange and rotate images on the publish/edit listing page.

After installing, for the plugin to work, you need to make a little modification in your theme, according to the setup guide.


Note: The max tested PHP is 7.4.x


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[v1.0.0] March 16, 2023
  • Initial release
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